Programs and services offered

Join us throughout the year for outdoor and indoor tennis programs! We provide tennis lessons for all age groups at various levels of play. Whether you're new to tennis or want to develop your skills, our Tennis Canada - TPA certified professionals are here to make tennis fun and easy to learn.

All tennis programs open to public, club membership not required for participation!


  • Junior hybrid performance academy 

Hybrid training model includes

  1. Large groups -16 players facilitated by 4 coaches. Format: league/matchplay/ladders
  2. Quad training (groups of four or less) allows for a focused approach between player and coach
  • Junior recreation programs

  1. Le Petit (Ages 3 to 5)
  2. Red ball (Ages 5 to 7)
  3. Orange ball (Ages 8 to 9)
  4. Green ball (Ages 10 to 12)
  5. Regulation ball (Ages 11 to 16)


  • Adult advance programs (all age groups)
  1. Learn and play groups - 8 players facilitated by 2 coaches (2 hour sessions - training + live play)
  2. Advanced/Competitive training - 12 players facilitated by 2 coaches with primary focus on competitive matchplay/training


  • Adult recreation programs (all age groups)
  1. Adult 101/Beginner
  2. Adult intermediate
  3. Adult learn and play (2hr)
  4. Adult advanced
  5. Adult matchplay

(Players can register for currently active programs with a prorated fee - please contact us) 
Stay tuned for more programs coming your way - our indoor facility operates between October and May!



Junior tennis - development path

In tennis, there are two different streams - recreational and competitive. Every player can go at their own pace. Below is a flow chart to give you an idea of the sequence for our junior academy. Most recreational players play once or twice a week, aspiring competitive players play 2-3 times a week, and competitive players play many times a week for longer periods. At Headstart we are always striving to ensure your child is in the correct class for their level of experience. However if at any time you feel that your child should be moved into another class please feel free to contact our coaching staff to set up a private lesson to reassess their level of readiness and abilities to be in a different level. 

Age 3-4
Ages 5-7, in red ball there are 4 levels: 1, 2, P1 and P2
Ages 8-9, in orange ball there are 3 levels: 1, 2 and P
Ages 10-12, in green ball there are 3 levels: 1, 2 and P
Ages 13 and up, in teen there are 2 levels: 1 and 2
Adult tennis - learning path